Face lift

Face lift

When the skin on the face looks older and the corners of the mouth point downwards, this can be a psychological burden. The desire for smoother and firmer skin in the face, chin or cheek area, as well as on the neck can be fulfilled with a Face lift.
2 - 4 hours
General anaesthesia
Clinic stay 1 - 2 days
blood work can be done at the clinic
Bandage will be removed after approx. 3 weeks
Fit for socialising after approx. 10 days
Sport possible after approx. 3 weeks, starting moderately
Before the facelift:
Before the surgery can take place, you will have a consultation with the specialist in charge. Here you can express your wishes and describe your problem areas. In addition, the doctor will answer all your questions and of course also discuss the possibilities and risks of the surgery.

Facelift procedure:
There are two different procedures for a facelift. The doctor will decide which method is best for you and discuss it with you on site.

Facelift MACS (mini lift): This procedure is usually recommended for patients who would like to have the skin tightened around the cheeks. It is important to note that it is not the subcutaneous tissue, i.e. the muscles or the fat, that is tightened, but only the upper layer of skin. The fine incision is made behind the hairline and runs in front of the ear to the base of the earlobe.
Facelift SMAS: The SMAS lift enables the cheek area and the neck to be tightened. During this procedure, the muscles and also the fatty tissue are pulled upwards so that a natural appearance can be achieved here and not a stiff-looking mask-like face. This means that the specialist not only lifts the skin, but also the underlying tissue. Here too, the incision is made at the hairline and extends behind the ears. The SMAS facelift can be combined with a neck lift.

With both procedures, the incisions are made in very inconspicuous places, resulting in barely visible scars. In addition, the scars fade after only a few weeks.

After the facelift:
After the procedure, your skin may still feel numb. However, the numbness will stop after a few days. The swelling usually goes down after a few days aswell. You will receive pain-relieving medication at the clinic.
In addition, you will receive a headband which you should wear for about 5 days. Usually self-dissolving stitches are used, but if not, the stitches should be removed about 7-10 days after the procedure. You will see the final result after about 6 months. You will receive instructions in the clinic on what you have to observe after the treatment and how you can support the wound healing.
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