Ear correction

Ear correction (otoplasty)

Protruding or large ears often dominate the appearance of the face. Unfortunately, they can usually only be concealed with difficulty and those affected sometimes suffer severely. Ear correction can be a possible solution. Depending on the severity, there are different surgical procedures available.
Treatment duration 1-2 hours
Local anaesthetic or light sleep
Consultation approx. 30 minutes
Protective bandage for approx. 2 weeks
Fit for socialising after approx. 1 week
Sport possible after approx. 4 weeks, slowly starting
Before the ear correction:
You will have a consultation with the doctor in charge to discuss all the possibilities and risks of the procedure.
Here, your individual wishes are taken into account in order to achieve the best possible result for you.

Ear correction procedure:
Ear correction is performed under local anaesthesia or, if desired, in a light sleep. A tiny incision is made on the back of the ears. Here the cartilage is first exposed so that the surgeon can shape it as desired. This means that the angle or height of the auricle can be changed. Once the ear is in the right position, the ear is sutured. The suture runs along the back of the auricle and is therefore hardly visible.
After the ear correction: After the procedure you will receive a head bandage which should be worn for about 2 weeks. This prevents the ears from bending and promotes the healing process. The pain usually disappears in a few days and is defined by the patients as minimal pain. Slight swelling and increased sensitivity to touch during the first weeks is normal.
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